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J&T Race Team

           J&T Racing has 2 driver's and 12 crew member's. The driver's are Jt and Troy Sperring. They are brother's from Williamson NY. Jt is 18 and a freshman at Monroe Community College. Troy is 16 and is a senior at Williamson senior high school. Troy wrestle's for Williamson's varsity team and Jt use to for Williamson's varsity team as well. Also they both like to play soccer and like to be outside.Jt and Troy drive a 600cc micro sprint. Jt won the track championship in 2006, 2007 and 2009 and Troy won the track championship in 2008. 2009, 2010. Jt and Troy would not have been able to win there championships without the help of there parents, crew and the help of fellow racer's.Also the help of their sponsors. The J&T Racing team is always looking for new sponsors. If you have a sponsor offer please contact the race team at jt.sperring@yahoo.com. Thank you.

Race Track's That Jt And Troy Race At.

Speedway, Geneva NY

Limerock Speedway, Caledonia NY

Monroe County Fair Grounds

Deerfield Raceway, Ohio



Track Championship's


2006 Paradise Speedway Fall Series

2007 Paradise Speedway Summer Series And Fall Series

2009 Paradise Speedway Fall Series


2008 Paradise Speedway Fall Series 

2009 Paradise Speedway Fall Series

2010 Paradise Speedway Fall Series


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Wilberts-YOU PULL IT!!


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