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J&T Racing

3641 Ridge RD

Williamson, NY 14589

September 27, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to introduce you to the J&T Racing team. We are currently looking for sponsors/partners for the upcoming 2011 racing season. This letter will explain who we are, what type of racing we compete in, the facilities we race at and what we intend to do for you if you elect to join in our endeavor.

First and foremost, my name is John Sperring and my wife’s name is Angela Sperring . We are the owners of J&T Racing. Currently, I am employed at Dr. Pepper Snapple Group in Williamson NY. Angela is currently employed at Qioptiq Defense in Fairport NY. Approximately ten years ago we started the J&T Racing team as a result of a drive within my wife Angela. All her life she has been surrounded by racing, whether it was asphalt racing or dirt racing.

Angela grew up in a racing family, her father has raced and been on many race teams. Angela has three uncles that have raced and two uncles that are currently still racing, she has one aunt, ten cousins, and three nieces and nephews that are currently racing all sorts of different types of auto racing. As you can see Angela has a deep passion for the sport and has created that same passion in me and our two children J.T. and Troy.


J.T. is 16 and currently a sophomore at the Williamson Senior High School. J.T. has been racing since the age of three where he started racing snowmobiles, then he went into microds at the Sodus Microd Club, and now currently racing micro sprints at Paradise Speedway in Geneva NY. J.T. has raced at Paradise for six years and has won a championship five out of the six years he has raced. J.T. pilots a 125 micro and a 600 micro, he has future plans on running a 360 sprint someday.

Troy is 14 and currently a freshman at the Williamson Senior High School. Troy has been racing since the age of five where he started in a microd at the Sodus Microd Club, and has been racing a micro sprint for the last three years at Paradise. Troy has two championships under his belt already. Troy pilots a 125 micro and has future plans on running an 600 xcel modified next year.

The J&T Racing team is based on a few principles:

1. First and foremost to have fun.

2. Create long lasting friendships

3. 100% effort and drive to win

The racing team is made up of the following people:

1. John – Motor builder

2. J.T. and Troy – Drivers

3. Ed & Ellen Dunn – Fuel/General maintenance for Troy

4. Angela and Desi Morales – Fuel/General maintenance for J.T.

5. Whole team – Chassis, suspension and tires

The J&T Racing sprint cars consist of two King chassis’s and a Leader Chassis. We have three cars in our stable. Two are 125cc cars and the third is a 600cc.

To date we have run at Paradise Speedway, Limerock Speedway, and the Monroe County Fair grounds. Paradise is a ¼ semi-banked clay track that provides for some very exciting, close wheel to wheel racing. Our racing is every Saturday night from the middle of April through the end of October. Limerock is a 1/10 heavy banked little bull ring. Monroe county is a 1/8 flat and fast speedway.

Currently, I am looking for businesses that would be interested in joining into a partnership with my team. I don’t particularly care for the word sponsorship. I consider someone who is willing to provide some type of monetary assistance, product or service to me more than a sponsor. One of the requirements of my team is to promote your company and sell your products. We take great pride in educating people who visit us at the races, car shows, etc. about who our sponsors are. In other words, we push business to you.

Below you will see standard packages that I have offered over the past several years to other companies, such as yourself. Please review them and if you have a better idea of what you could assist us with we would certainly accept a different offer.

Package #1 - $250 – This package would place your business logo on the body of the cars for half of the season. The logo would be on the left side of the car.

Package #2 - $500 – This package would place your logo on the front wing or arm guard area for the entire race season.

Package #3 - $750 – This package would be placed on the inside of the top wing, which is viewed from the right side of the car. Your logo would be seen in victory lane pictures.

Package #4 - $1,000 – This package would be placed on the left top wing panel.

Package #5 - $1,500 – This package would be placed on the right top wing panel and would be seen in victory lane.

Package #6 - $2,000 – This package would be on both sides of the top wing.

Package #7 -$5,000 – This package is for the partner that would like to select the color and label the entire car with their business logo. Understand there are always more than one partner. However, their logo would not interfere with yours.

If you have decided to join into the partnership with the J&T Racing team then I look forward to hearing from you. Please call me at your earliest convenience at 585-705-3094. Thank you for your time.


John & Angela Sperring

Owner‘s, J&T Racing.